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Salt and sand spreader SASS.

The salt and sand spreaders are made with a high strength structural frame.

The models differ only in how they spread.


The salt and sand spreaders are made with a high strength structural frame.
The machine is self-loading thanks to two cylinders that allow the hopper to be tilted for loading the material.
Inside the hopper there is a crushing shaft to assure homogeneity of the material.
The spreader is coated with high corrosion resistance Special polyurethane paint.



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Salt and sand spreader ideal for agricultural tractors, on which it is mounted via a three-point attachment.

Fitted with a fan feed system, so the amount of material spread and working width depend on the quantity of material and rotation speed.

The material to be spread is regulated by an on-board manual controller or, on request, via an electrical control panel in the cabin.

In the self-loading models, the material is conveyed into the hopper by a hydraulic cylinder which places the bucket horizontally. The operator drives the tractor to the sand pile to be loaded, and then when the cylinder is removed, it returns to the original position.

The steel structure is painted with epoxy rust-proof paint undercoat plus a polyurethane enamel paint.




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