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Scavafossi laterale MPL.260Scavafossi laterale MPL.260

MPL.260 lateral scoline ditchers

This machine is ideal for clearing or digging ditches.

This machine is ideal for clearing or digging ditches.
The diameter of the rotor determines the width and the type of ditch that needs digging. The machine can operate with 3 different types of rotors according to the customer’s requirements. The MPL 260 model works laterally, thanks to a hydraulic controlled movement it is possible to alter the distance between tractor center / ditch center by 200 cm to 260 cm. A further hydraulic cylinder can be used to avoid obstacles and to hoist the rotor to vertical position when maneuvering on roads.



FISSORE macchina scavafossi MPL260 ENG

FISSORE accessori macchina scavafossi MPL260 ENG

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