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Lame sgombraneve anteriore AZOTlame sgombraneve fissaggio su trattrici agricole o autocarri
Lame sgombraneve anteriore AZOT
Lame sgombraneve anteriore AZOT

AZOT front snow blades

Snow blades for professional use on high-powered trucks and agricultural tractors.

Snow blade for professional use on high-powered trucks and agricultural tractors.

Its heavy duty structure makes this blade particularly suitable for use with deep snow on large roads, even when driving at high speeds. The anti-shock system is provided by a hydraulic system connected to a nitrogen accumulator.

It can be fitted with a three-point attachment for front loader or parallelogram lifting system for agricultural tractors of trucks of various powers.

Model Blade’s sector Width L
Height H
Oscillation A
Power min
Weight Kg
AZOT.300 1 3000 1000 250 80 ÷ 100 690
AZOT.330 1 3300 1000 270 80 ÷ 100 735
AZOT.350 1 3500 1000 290 100 ÷ 120 765
AZOT.380 1 3800 1000 310 120 ÷ 150 795
AZOT.400 1 4000 1000 330 120 ÷ 150 810


The blade is tilted by two hydraulic cylinders connected by a hydraulic by-pass valve, for greater safety in the event of a collision. A mechanical device enables the blade to oscillate laterally following the pavement.

  Detail of the hydraulic cylinder   Detail of the nitrogen accumulator


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