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Inter-row fertilizer spreaders

This type of inter-row spreader allows fertilization even when plants are already growing, because fertilization is done at the base of the plant without damaging it.

This type of inter-row spreader allows fertilization even when the crop is already growing, because it goes directly at the base of the plant, without damaging it.

Composed of a galvanized steel frame, with a spreader body entirely in stainless steel, the capacity can vary from 1000/2000 lt and can be supplied to 4-6-8-12 rows depending on demand and with the possibility of front use to the tractor.

The distribution for the larger models takes place thanks to a pneumatic system operated by the PTO of the tractor, while in the smaller models, the distribution is always pneumatic but electrically operated.

The microgranulators are driven by an electric motor which, by means of a tension regulator positioned inside the tractor, gives the possibility to vary its speed and the quantity of fertilizer distributed.



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